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online advertising eye tracking

Any classes that work with you to improve your writing skills for a wanna be writer?

There are groups that do short online classes–on rare occasions, some of them for free–that are specifically for that purpose. Point of view, foreshadowing, imagery, dialogue, etc. Local writers groups can also provide some of these. Keep an eye out for workshops or nearby classes advertised.

Your two best resources, however, aren’t well liked–your own reading, and your English teachers. The best way to learn to write well (especially for fiction/poetry) is to learn to write a persuasive essay. To anticipate what someone will think when they read your work and counter it so smoothly that your readers agrees with your point against their will. This is why teachers make you write so many. When your teachers give you back an essay with grammar or punctuation corrections, find out why they matter (if you have an awful teacher, there are good grammar books available). When your teachers write questions in the margins, get explanations and write them down. Also, start making a list of books you read–both for school/work and for fun. Keep track of why you read it, if you liked it, what you particularly liked (or hated) about it, and what you thought about the writing.

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