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online advertising fact sheet

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Within this article on creating online marketing business opportunities, we’ll look at ways that you are able to build your online business through online marketing.  There are many different ways that you can go around this so we will look at a couple of very good and low-cost ways to do this.

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One of the best ways that you’re able to market online at a low cost is through giveaways.  You can do this in many different ways but one the best ways is to go to free forums and post that you have free giveaways at your website.  You will want your giveaway item to be very low cost. By keeping costs low, you can post to these forums on a regular basis and receive steady traffic which can help you build your website. You’ll be generating a great deal of traffic for yourself at a very low cost. There are many different ways to run a sweepstakes or a giveaways contest but many websites will have giveaways pursuant upon the fact that you sign up for their newsletter.  Make sure that the people who sign up are ones that you want to target because your newsletter can be your greatest source of marketing.

Another great way that you can bring about more traffic to your website is through Adwords. Adwords is a form of advertising that is run by Google where you are allowed to bid on certain keywords that people search for.  You can run your marketing using a budget and you’ll know that you’re getting the target audience that you want towards your website.  One of the ways that you can work at saving and maintaining a budget using  Adwords is to log into your Google account every day to see how much it is costing you to use your keywords.  By looking at how much it costs for keywords, you can make sure that your marketing budget is right on track with what you should be. You can also get an idea as to trends developing with the costs of Adwords. 

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Hopefully this article on creating online marketing business opportunities will help you out.  The first part of this article focused on online marketing business opportunities and how to build your business. A different angle on creating online marketing business opportunities is spotlighted now. There is a great deal of unused advertising out there which could be bought up at discounts on what online advertising firms normally charge.  If you were able to find a great deal of this unused advertising and buy it at a discount, you could resell it to other companies looking to put more of their advertising out online and charge them a higher price.  This is often known as advertising arbitrage where you buy the ad spots at a discount and then resell them at a slightly higher price but making sure that the people who ultimately by your ads are getting a very good discount.  All parties win in this particular engagement. This gives you something to think about the next time that you see empty spaces on a website’s home page.


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Declaring oneself bankrupt (UK)?

Just wondered if anyone knew how to declare yourself bankrupt in the uk. I heard that you need to make a one off payment of around £300 and then you wouldn’t be able to have a bank account for a year. Does anyone know any more details or criteria which needs to be met??? Thank you.

This applies to England and Wales. The rules are different in Scotland.

PROCESS: To make yourself bankrupt you need to get and submit two forms – a Debtor’s Petition and a Debtor’s Statement of Affairs – at a county court that handles insolvencies (most of them do). They can be obtained from your local county court or downloaded online at (The Insolvency Service). You would have a hearing with a judge in his private chambers (ring your local county court for an appointment). As long as the judge agrees that you are unable to pay your debts when they are due to be paid (there are no minimum/maximum debt levels or anything), you would be declared bankrupt at that point and someone from the Official Receiver’s office would take over from there.

FEES: There are two fees to pay when the forms are submitted – a fee of £150 which goes to the court and can be waived if you are on means-tested benefits or have a low income (fill in a court form EX160) – and a fee of £345 for the Official Receiver. This can’t be waived but there are trust funds and charities that sometimes help out, so that people can get a fresh start.

IMPLICATIONS; Your bank account would be frozen when your bankruptcy petition is approved, but you CAN open another one, with Barclays or the Co-op bank. If you have assets (property or a vehicle) these may be at risk. You can keep a car if it is necessary for employment but you might have to downgrade to a cheaper model. If you have a reasonably high income the Official Receiver may require you to make ongoing payments for 3 years (50-70% of any surplus income after essential outgoings have been met). Your bankruptcy would be advertised through a small notice in your local newspaper (1 day only) and you should check your tenancy and employment contracts to make sure there would not be voided by your bankruptcy. You would not be able to get credit of more than £500 without declaring that you are bankrupt, but you would be discharged after 6-12 months. Obviously, you would find it harder to get credit in future. Bankruptcy would show on your credit reference file for six years.

If filling out the forms proves difficult (it is not always clear what to put) or you want more advice on bankruptcy and other options that might be suitable you can get advice for free from the charity National Debtline on 0800 808 4000. They have a fact sheet on bankruptcy which you may find useful The Insolvency Service also has its own helpline.

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