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Is mcdonalds monopoly online game dice rigged?

i did a test with alot of game peices and theirs just absolutely no way i can keep landing on the same black board peice i already have 11 times in a row. Does it say anywhere on their faq / site that the dice rolls are fixed? If not cant they be sued for false advertising or something for saying you have a chance to win online but not saying anything about the dice being rigged?

Not saying everyone should win but if the dice were random, statistically i shouldve hit a board peice i dont have, Im sure its fixed though because the boardwalk space simply can not be touched online or found outside. A friend of mine had a bunch of these peices and its just crazy how you keep going round the board missing the empty spots its too obvious.
i never hoped to win in the first place, but still its messed up they dont even warn you that the dice is rigged to not let you win.. which makes you buy their food hoping you do.

I played for the last time today, and I started to do the numbers in my head. One situation, the only numbers I could roll that wouldn’t win anything was a 6 and an 8, and lo and behold, I rolled that. The real kicker was the fact that I’ve never seen a 2 or a 12 rolled. I understand that on non rigged dice, those are the lowest combination of numbers you can roll…but lets be realistic, your not rolling dice. The computer just has the number already figured out. Its the same with the game pieces. McDonalds is pathetic….

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