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How to list a rental house on MLS without a realtor/agent?

I’d like to rent my house without a realtor so I dont have to pay the agent fees. I see some services online where MLS entries can be made without an agent/realtor for example These seems primarily for selling home. Can anyone inform me what is the best way to advertise a rental home, if MLS can be used for this purpose and if MLS entry can be made (may be for a fee) by a home owner (myself) who is not a licensed realtor or real-estate agent. Thanks in advance!

The MLS that agents use is a system that they pay to belong to. That money is the money used to run the system and it is not an advertising system like a newspaper.

The term MLS could be used by someone to build what I would call a fake MLS. In that fake MLS they would charge people for ads and put their data in there. They may not have any real readership and so the money you spend may be worthless.

I know of zero MLS systems that allow non members to enter information.

Our local real MLS system has a section for agents to enter rental data.

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