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How can I start a popular online forum?

Well, I want to start a forum for RuneScape, and I want it to have at least 500 People as members.

I was wondering, what sites are good for making free online forums?
And how should I advertise them?

Keep in mind, I DO NOT wish to spend any money on this.
Also, this site will be based off of RuneScape rules, so I will not tolerate cheats/hacks.

Thanks everyone,

you can start by making a small website with these directions:
the website will be free and wont be hosted by any other company
however those directions require you to use the space on your router, which probably wont support 500 members
when the free website you make on your router gets popular, get companies to post banner ads on it so u can generate some revenue
use that money to buy a webserve

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