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creative career advice?

I’m really stuck with what I want to do with my life and what job I want.
I have got 3 A Levels and I am going to start an Art foundation at College soon. I would like a job that involves design with travelling, I love to travel and I am very creative. But I don’t know what job would suit me. I was thinking about Advertising within design, like public relations, marketing and market research but don’t really know much about it. I’ve also written a list which includes; online multimedia/ web design, graphic design, graphic illustrator and a freelance designer. Who do you talk to? Does anyone on here have one of these jobs? I’ve been googling creative careers all morning and not much luck..

You may be able to get some advice from connexions but seeing as though you are starting uni soon I think it would be best to talk to someone there about your future prospects. Surely if you go to student services or even just ring up the uni you are going to and ask the receptionist who you need to talk to they will be able to pass you onto the right person, most unis have careers advisers. Also, you could try having a look on your unis website and go to the page where your course is outlined, they usually have a section where it tells you what career path is best for your degree. My friend is doing graphic design at the moment, she enjoys it. You could think about architecture? That would mean lots of travelling. You could try and get into freelance designing bu i think those industries are pretty ruthless and if you haven’t got a big name/rep behind you then its generally not worth your while. Definately have a chat with someone at your uni though.

good luck with everything =) x

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