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What reasons do you have for not wanting to start an Online Home business?

I am doing some research to learn about future prospects in my online affiliate home business. In order to serve the public better as an entrepreneur I would like to know what reasons you may have for NOT wanting to start an online home business? What would change your mind if you knew about it? and How I, as an online marketing executive,could possibly reach Your skeptical attention? These questions will be considered for my future advertising campaigns, so be completely honest please! Thank you and God Bless!

Starting a business takes time. I already have my own successful home based business and don’t need to start a new adventure. I’ve built a very good business from home that I make a residual income. I now have the time for my family and to be able to do the things that I want to do. If I were to start a new business up, this would take away from the dream that I already made happen for me.


TheMediaBriefing: Lin Glover on Local TV – present, past and future prospects

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