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What are the ecommerce implications of an artificial neural network?

Ok so i am doing this research paper on how neural networks can help marketers better their campaigns by recognizing trends and forecasting key information. What are some other implications of neural networks as far as online marketing is concerned.


Given sufficient data nueral networks doing data mining could be the one true solution to spam/junk mail. Broadcast methods are expensive and annoying. If you recieve advertising would you not want it to be relitive to you? I don’t mind junk mail that offers serverices and products I might actually use, and the fact I am bombarded by offers I do not have the slightest interest in. Already dumb data mining is used heavily in fund raising campaigns. There are crude attempts to guess a contributer’s patterns and maximize contributions that way. If requests are oversent it causes the contributer to burn out. To gain a negitive conotation for the charity/organization which over targets them. They begin to feel less like a supporter and more like a sucker.

This kind of pattern recognition and very specific interest targeting if implimented well could turn marketing from a trade considered less reputable than hookers into a respected and valuable skill.

Why would nural networks suceed over conventional queries? Nueral networks are capable of learning and doing more than applying rigid rule based logic. Nueral nets are capable of context awareness. So for example I personally hate Microsoft products. As such offers about deals on Windows software are actually offensive to me. I would love to hear about offers dealing with Linux or platform independent software however. Broad based catagories are useless when you are dealing with marketing. A concept marketeers fail to understand for some reason. Software is not software. Software comes in a zillion types and flavors. One gun manufacturer earned the hatred of gun enthusiests at one point. Thus sending marketing about this manufactuer would be offensive to many gun lovers. Again an example of even a more specific catagory being useless when it came down to the actual marketing. This context awareness is crucial in creating the sucessfull marketing campaigns of the future. Each year the public becomes less and less tolerent twoards shotgun marketing. Spam has damaged people personally. Crammed mailboxes so full that important and essential email is missed or cannot even be delivered. Mailboxes stuffed to the brim with offers which do not apply at all to the reciever. Whole forests of trees are sacraficed to such waste. People are just not going to take such tactics much longer.

Leo Burnett / Arc Predictions 2008, Future Trends in Marketing

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