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How can I get my equestrian centre up and rolling?

On Howrse, the online virtual game 😛
No one boards in my EC! I think I need some publicity!
I’m ChristiBanana on Howrse 🙂
Have a look at my sales, and also my friend Elise1350 and her sales 😀
We both have some excellent horses for sale!

Thanks 🙂

Don’t be tempted to buy boxes – boarders cost you equus. The main idea when starting out, is to grow crops for profit.
Buy a few of the largest 50% fertile meadows. They will still give a lot more crop growth = more profit than the medium 100% fertile ones – these are much better than the medium ones at 100% fertile and will give quite a lot more crop yield, due to having 2 & a half times more space – just remember though, they are for crop purposes only and will never reach above 50% fertility. Grow flax in spring and wheat in summer. If using manure for fertiliser, your crops will grow faster, which in turn means that because summer lasts longer than the other seasons, you will be able to get double the crops (plant right at the start, then once harvested, you are able to plant again at the end of the season).
Buy as many droppings as you can each day – up to 1000 droppings. Take those back to your EC meadows page and turn them into manure. Use what’s needed for crops, then sell the rest back to the store. You get 40e profit per unit sold back
Once you have enough profit, make sure you are growing on 5 x 15acre meadows (the largest ones) – you should be able to afford the expensive 100% fertile ones in a season or two, then gradually put a scarecrow on each one.
When you feel there is enough profit, start growing carrots and health mash – you need 30 carrots and 10 health mash per box. Then think about boxes and employees

Help with prestige:
♦ As mentioned, you need 30 carrots and 10 health mash per box
♦ Always use flax bedding (once harvested, flax gets divided up into flax and flax bedding)
♦ Have a pet in each box
♦ Have the best boxes (the medium ones can be upgraded to the largest ones)
♦ Make sure there is at least 1 acre of 100% fertile meadows per box – to raise the fertility of meadows, lay them fallow. It’s best to have extra meadows so they can be swapped over into pasture/fallow each day.
♦ Get your comps up and running – as we can enter up to two horses per race anyway, most EC owners will set the skills of their comps to match skills of horses they own themselves and enter the comps when they become available. It takes 24 hours to be open for registrations once the comp has been organised and another 24 hours between each time it’s run. Tweak them a bit each week as the skills of your horses improve.
♦ Have all employees (even if they are temps) and paid at the highest rate. The saddler is the only position that a temp cannot be hired for.
♦ Lessons: Lessons are based on the health and average dressage level of the horses boarded, whether you have enough employees (in particular RI’s) and paid at highest rate + the overall quality of your EC
It take a lot of work from the EC owner
Advertise on your presentation page and/or your EC forum that you are trying to raise prestige and ask if anyone has any horses to help.

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