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online advertising in australia

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At Adelaide Online Marketing we help small to medium sized businesses with their internet marketing online,

bringing in more sales and more long term customers for you and your business.

We do it through SEO or internet search engine optimization,email marketing solutions,

brand marketing online and advertising marketing online using TV commercials and infomercials.

We do it using web video, keywords, social media marketing, e-Books and articles.

In fact we have so many ways we can help small businesses with an internet marketing strategy.

We can show you the benefits of online marketing for you and your business at a cost that is very affordable.

It is far less expensive then tradional forms of marketing.

Latest statistics show that Australians are savvy internet users, increasingly searching online to fulfil their consumer needs. If as a business you’re not

on the internet, you are missing out on that increasing traffic. And with more than two thirds of the population online,if you’re not on that first or second

page of Google, Yahoo or MSN you are losing business to your competition who are there.

If, as a business you have never considered the internet as a marketing strategy because you have not seen the value in such an avenue of advertising, just

start asking your friends and clients about the web. You will be very surprised as to how any people now search the internet for goods and services. As you

are reading this article there is probably someone searching this very minute for your type of business. If you do not have a presence on the web you are

missing out of clients and sales.

So how do you get there?

With Web Video Infomercials.

Search engines love video. They’ll get you ranking and recognition sometimes within days of being posted. At Adelaide Online Marketing we can create a web

video infomercial, launch it on your website and get you on the search engines at a very affordable price.

Our company is built from a lifetime of knowledge working in media, business marketing and on the internet. We’re not graphic designers or techno geeks but

marketers with a clear understanding of what business is all about, getting more customers, more clients and adding to the bottom line.

Having spent years running our own businesses we understand the cost and the time consumed in finding

an affordable marketing solution to increase your sales and visibility in the marketplace.

Advertising on the internet won’t cost as much as you think.

We are offering a FREE e-Book on ‘TV Commercials on the Internet – The 20 Most Important Things You Should Know’ including:

Internet marketing strategy for your business

How to be found on the Internet

Online advertising using TV commercials and infomercials

Business marketing for your business

Internet marketing online

We are also offering a FREE one hour consultation to businesses in Adelaide Australia to discuss a plan of action for your needs.

We have the answers and we’ll be happy to share them with you.

Bob Byrne is the co-founder of and has had over 40 years experience working in commercial radio and television. He has had vast experience working with small to medium size businesses on their marketing and advertising strategies. He commenced his own marketing agency in 1988 and ran it in conjunction with his media career for many years.

Laurene Bell is also co-founder of and has had over 30 years experience managing a national company. Prior to her business career Laurene was a fashion and photographic model for the large department store in her home city of Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. She understands small to medium size business and the important of marketing and advertising your company in a cost effective way.

Together they offer internet marketing ideas, infomercials for your business, internet marketing strategies and show you the benefits of online marketing

Adelaide Online Marketing are offering a FREE E-book on the 20 most important things you should know about advertising on the internet, it is crammed full

of important information you should know.

They are also offering a 1 hour free consultation to you on how to market your business online.


About the Author

Bob Byrne comes from a background of 40 years working in main stream media. He is the ideal person to get your message to your customers with

online marketing using infomercials and web videos. Adelaide Online Marketing is a business that deals with brand marketing online,

internet marketing online and online advertising.

Laurene Bell comes from a background of 30 years running her own businesses and understands the important of advertising and the costs associated

through the normal avenues of promotions. Having owned small and medium sized businesses she knows the huge costs of advertising in the traditional way.

Adelaide Online Marketing is an internet marketing firm that has been set up to help small to medium sized companies to market their products and services through online marketing.

How do I sell a car in Victoria (Australia) to someone in NSW (Australia)?

The potential purchaser lives in Qld, wants to buy my car (advertised online) for his parents in NSW. I am in Victoria.
He is asking can we leave it registered in my name til the rego runs out – then transfer it into their name in NSW.
I am not sure I am comfortable with this as I worry I will be liable for speeding fines, toll fines and accidents should they happen? Is this correct? What suggestions have you got? PLEASE remember this is an AUSTRALIAN question and overseas answers are NOT relevant. Thanks.

Is the car being sold for more than $1000 ? If so then by law you must provide a road worthy certificate. So that is all he needs to put the car into his, or his parents name. I wouldn’t even consider leaving the car in your name, for the reasons you have stated. If the car is being sold for less, then it is up to HIM to obtain the roadworthy certificate. Do not let him take the car with the plates on it. If there is still rego left, then you can cash them in at the R.T.A. You will be liable for any tolls, speeding fines, and maybe even the cost of any insurance claims, unless you can prove that you were not driving. So once again I would be very wary of this bloke. Oh by the way I am also living in Vic. If he still wants to purchase the car. He can get a permit from the R.T.A. to drive it to N.S.W. He will also need to obtain a permit from the relevant authority in N.S.W. One more thing, how is he going to pay? I have been caught out before with bodgy cheques. If his is serious about the purchase, then I would suggest a direct money transfer into a bank account of your choice before you even let him have the keys. If he wants a test drive, then you take him for a test drive.

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