Online Advertising In China

online advertising in china

Is blog advertising an effective way to promote your company in China?

I am doing research to see different options for online marketing in China. Blog advertising was an option, but is it worth the money? How many people read ad blogs in China?

It’s actually quite pointless to bother with blogs – mostly because any url with the word ‘blog’ in it is blocked by the chinese firewall.

You need to also consider how you will be selling the product and in what currency. Chinese typically do not ever use credit cards. Online purchases are done through online banking.

In terms of currency, a product offered at a price considered cheap in american dollars will likely be out of the range of most in China, who in general only make about 400-500 USD a month at a good job.

Depending on what you are selling, and the impact you want to make here, Be sure also to research the business stylings of the chinese. As a rule, the best way to get ahead is to build a better portfolio of people you know. THe chinese strive for harmony in all dealings and will prefer to do business with a person/company that brings something to the table in social relations. If your company is out to make money to benefit itself only you might have a hard time breaking into the market here, where a family owned business that knows everyone who is anyone would beat you out.

Consider starting out on the chinese ebay, but be warned, you will likely need to pad your feedback for anyone to even remotely take you seriously. I’ve seen many coworkers immediately dismiss anyone without a 100% positive feedback and thousands of customers to back up the numbers.

China’s Online Ad Market

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