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What are some ways to make money online?

You see ive found myself in a bit of a bind. I have the surveys going and affiliate marketing. What other ideas ?
I would ultimatly like to develop a sort of guide to all the available avenues to make money online. Not just target in on one.
But first, before I can help others, I would love you to help me! Any ideas, weird, out there, already mentioned, website suggestions all welcome. THanks 🙂

Here are the main ways you can earn money from the Internet:

1. Sell products on the Web – You can either sell: (a) through your own storefront through your own website or applications such as Yahoo Stores; or (b) sell through online auctions like eBay

2. Information Delivery. Others such as create content and monetize their content in a number of ways:

a. Advertising – there are several ways you can earn money from advertising:

1. Join an advertising network. Advertising networks are organizations that aggregate Web sites that offer advertising space, and sell banner ads (and other advertising options) across them. Traffic requirement is often a minimum of 5,000 monthly impressions, although many do not accept sites hosted by free page services.

Burst Media
Tribal Fusion

2. Participate in contextual advertising networks. Contextual advertising are text ads delivered based on the content of the web page using an automated system.

Google Adsense


3. Sell advertising for your site directly. This is admittedly a more difficult route for a small business site wanting to earn advertising revenues. But hey, as they say: “no pain, no gain!”

b. Affiliate Programs – you sell other people’s products that your audience may be interested in; and you get a certain commission after the desired action was done (whether a sale, a lead, subscription to email newsletter, or however this is defined)

Paid online content. or Supporters forum all require paid subscription before accessing the information

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