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Are there any real/accredited MBA programs online?

Do you have any personal experience good or bad with a particular university?

There are a couple hundred. Some of the best in the world are online. Duke University for example teaches their MBA online and they are world class.

How about a couple of these as examples of good quality, regionally and AACSB accredited MBA programs online:

Duke University
East Carolina U
U Houston Victoria
Texas A&M
Florida State
U North Texas
Miss State
U Nebraska
there are plenty…

and the list includes places like Penn State (yes, the Penn State) wholly online (

The list also includes some places you see advertised on TV night and day and on the back of matchbook covers. You might want to stay clear of those – they aren’t very well respected.

The least expensive with AACSB accreditation (AACSB only matters for business schools by the way) is probably Jacksonville State University (

Be warned though – some people think the only MBA worth getting is from Harvard and the like. Harvard doesn’t teach their MBA online (though they do teach academic subjects and IT online). Those people are probably being a bit too extreme. An MBA from Jacksonville State U is worth far more than no MBA from nowhere. Of course, a Harvard MBA would be nice. If only we could all have one.

I have personal experience with more than a few universities online. My experience is that the better the reputation the university for everything else, the better will be respected their online programs. Some schools have a terrible reputation for online AND classroom programs – those aren’t worth the effort.

Also, online is neither easier or cheaper than classroom work. It just offers flexibility of time and location.

Bottom line, it’s all about the reputation of the particular college and has very little to do about online vs classroom. Nobody asks questions about the legitimacy of a Duke or Penn State MBA – no matter how it was delivered. Almost everyone is wary of UPhoenix and Devry (just examples).

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