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+if you’re into japan please help me?

Hey! My name’s Kumiko. I live in Japan. I am half american and half japanese.
I’ve noticed how American girls (and some guys!) are into Japanese fashion and such.
i’ve decided to create an online business selling products from Japan. not a rip off price or anything.
because i’ve also noticed how people buy hello kitty products for such an expensve price…
so anyway im not advertising my site!
i would just like some ideas on what i should sell
in other words what you guys would like from japan!
thank you!
some people should just stay in the religions section of yahoo answers….

Let me tell you thats a major one you want to provide, people want fashion magazines from Japan that they can keep! And look at time and time again:)
Hello Kitty Items
Cell Phone Charms, ect.
Nail Stuff
Make Up (such as Fake Eyelashes, Lipsticks, Eyeshadows, Eyeshadow Kits, Eyeliners)
Bento Boxes (really cute ones not plain ones)
T-Shirts (Like ones with Cute Japanese sayings and such, ones you won’t find in America)
Japanese Hats (AS in the cute rabbit, or Pikachu, ect. Ones you can’t find anywhere but Japan)
Also don’t let that first guy or anyone else, discourage you… It may be wrong for them to start a store but it may be perfect for you!

Online market in Japan – Yuko Tanaka

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