Online Advertising Job Description

online advertising job description

We all know that pharma tech jobs are very in demand today and the demand for such job can double or triple for the next few years. There are different types of industry that they can work for. These industries are malls or supermarket, hospitals, laboratories and high street pharmacies.Those who works in high street pharmacies, supermarket based pharmacy and health clinics are referred to as community pharmacy technician. Those who are in commercial laboratories are considered pharmaceutical industry pharmacy technicians. Last but not the least is hospital pharmacy technician, they are the one we often see in the medicine dispensing area. They are the one responsible for giving the hospital nurses the right amount of medicine and of course the correct medicine for all the patients in the hospital. In fact we rarely see them roaming around the hospital because they usually just stay in the medicine storage area to keep everything organized. Let’s talk more about what a Hospital pharmacy technician job description really is.

Hospital pharmacy technician job description is basically the general scope of work for those in the hospital. The most common task they do every single day at work is to administer medicinal drug to in-patients and even out-patients that was prescribed by doctors. They also measure doses and number of medicine needed by in-patients and nurses are the one who request these things all the time. There would also be a time that they need to roam around the hospital to give medicine stock supplies to different hospital departments. These are the things included in a Hospital pharmacy technician job description. One of the most challenging tasks that can be included in a Hospital pharmacy technician job description would be preparing intravenous medicinal drug. This type of task needs a keen eye for details and careful hands to get the dosage right. Preparing and choosing nutrition substitutes for patients is also a challenging task because the patients that will be given this medication are usually very ill and has a lot of complications when it comes to certain nutrients. They should be able to prepare something that wouldn’t complicate or worsen the current situation of the patient.

Now the very common tasks in a Hospital pharmacy technician job description is to assist pharmacists and keep track of the medicine inventory. Most of the time they keep labels updated and medicine packages stored safely. The most important part of this job description would be the knowledge in knowing hospital policies, regulations and how to correctly dispense medicines.

I hope you were able to learn more about what Hospital pharmacy technician job description really is. If you’re aiming to be a pharma tech, I hope this article was able to help you choose the industry you want to work for.

What is the job description of an Art Director for an advertising agency?

I’ve already researched job descriptions online but they all seem so vague. What EXACTLY does an Art Director do? What are their responsibilities? What type of person do you have to be to fit such a position? Is this job in-demand? And last, what type(s) of education does this position require? Would really love to hear from someone who knows what they speak… Thanks in advance! 🙂

Art directors work hand in hand with the copywriters on concepting ads.

They then are responsible for making the ads look amazing in print (Photoshop) and
making all the calls on the cuts for commercials.

I worked on Madison Ave for 21 years.

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