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I plan on retiring to Central America, maybe Nicaragua. What Spanish program would teach me …?

… the language?
I’m too old to go back to a classroom, so I need to do this on my own. …well, on a cd anyway.
‘Rosetta Stone’ advertises a lot, but is it worth $400? Are there any online programs for learning Spanish?
I’ve tried this before and most programs talk too fast. I need the written word, the spoken word and maybe the phonetic spelling of that word to show up at the same time to really connnect.
I’d like to at least understand the lingo before injecting myself into a strange land.

You need to find out more about Nicaragua, you will find that Americans are not welcome there, medical services are poor, Water in most areas is poor, and they can take any thing you own and there is nothing you can do about it, please check out this with the US department of foreign travel before you go

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