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Do you think it is discrimination?

Ok , I am 47 and have been working in the hotel industry for 25 years.
I am currently a hotel clerk making $9/H. i have asked to be promoted as a hotel managers in the past and the request has been rejected. I have sent to my corporate office(600 hotels) numerous bright ideas to improve the revenue of my group. But I never got any compensation for that. My suggestions were all applied.Now I have turned around the hotel that I work for and raise my occupancy from 40% to 80% in less than 3 weeks by advertising online. I was asked by my district manager to help a second hotel who is at 37 %. But I am getting nowhere. I am scared to ask for a compensation. I don’t know what to do???!!

I am half French , half America, With an accent, my English is not perfect as you can. I am over 40 and Jewish. I am just trying to find out WHY. Thanks for your time.

You should make a deal before you do more. You have already benefited them greatly. Document what you have accomplished and apply as manager at other hotels. Your mangers are sucking up the credit that belongs to you.

Forgive me, but you certainly don’t fit the Jewish stereotype of prowess in business. If you have successful business people among your family and friends, ask them for advice. If not, even if you aren’t religious, you should visit a synagogue where corporate businessmen live and ask for help. I certainly would if I was Jewish. I might even go anyway, if the stereotype is so true as it seems.

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