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Small Business and Yahoo compared to Google? Which One?

With some many varieties for small businesses, how do you choose which one?… When you are thinking about advertising with adds in searches?

Recently I attended a few groups and see that a new major consulting firm is pushing Google Add-words, but their online presence is using Yahoo to power their search? And yes even in their online presence, you see Yahoo adds,… not Google?!!?

With a major player using both sides of the fence,…well should I?

And is Bing, something to look at?

Read this article today,….

Yahoo is currently the better option for PPC than Google is at the moment. I recently ran a campaign for a client, we split £5000 in one week between Google, Facebook and Yahooo. Yahoo came out on top by a mile for targeted responses.

I have yet to try Bing, but with their recent promotional campaign they could be a good bet I’m sure.

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