Online Advertising Media Plan

online advertising media plan

How an Online Advertising Agency Supports Growth of Brands?

Establishing brands from a scratch is a tough task. It takes years of quality work and word of mouth publicity to get an acclamation or there is one smart way out. For this method, an organization needs to avail B2B solutions from an expert online advertising agency. Services of a proficient agency are all that is required to steer clear of branding troubles. Such an agency helps to promote the brands in an effective way. When the medium is Internet, then extensiveness of advertising is natural.

The Internet usage has increased with over 1.15 billion regular Internet users. The growth of brands is somewhat dependable upon the extensive awareness. It requires efforts and intelligent approach to target the right audience. An online advertising agency does the same. It understands the products and goals of the organization. Further, it plans advertising policies according to the budget devised for it. The media planning and branding strategies are also done in-house by the agency. Then need based solutions are developed by them.

The solutions of an online advertisement agency are based on high end technology platforms, which appear attractive to the users. These solutions include banner ads, rich media ads and flash video ads. These ads are displayed across the online advertising network. This system is a collaboration of publishers and agencies that serve the advertisers in promoting their brands. Seeing the feasibility of this medium the global ad spends are poised to grow. A data from eMarketer tells that worldwide ad spent was $18.6 billion in 2005 and will be $34 billion in 2008.

The growth is clearly visible by these figures. The advertisers are getting more inclined towards Internet as an advertising medium. This lean will require an association with online advertising agency for exploiting opportunities. The agency will develop appropriate interactive advertising and publish it wisely. The publishing is done with effective channels like an online advertising network.

The online advertising agency obtains the metrics of publisher websites and portals. Further, it finds the relevance of the keywords, content and space allocation. The agency ensures that client gets maximum output of the banner ads placed. Lastly, the ads are placed extensively but appropriately across the network. Such services enhance the brand positioning and generate profits.

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Meenakshi Wali is the co founder of Rupiz Media Ad Network, a leading online media buying agency. She is heading a team of experts, which is into online advertising agency, internet banner advertising, online web site advertising, web banners.

Start-Up Online Business Question?

I have a website that compiles information from newpapers, media, etc. into one. Most websites make money through advertising and I plan to do the same.

The information I compile is usually written by others. For example if I wrote that a venue is hosting a political convention, is it copyright infringment if i wrote that on my site since its public information?

If you start a website business, is there a guideline on how many hits you get and the amount you get payed for ad revenue?

Should I have started a blog first, or is a website a good start?

I think that as long as the information is public then it’s okay. If the source of the information has made it clear that it is not to be shared without their permission then you will have to obtain their permission first.

The number of hits you get to your website will depend on your efforts. You will have to submit your site to the search engines and find means of advertising it. You can generate traffic by paying for ads, posting free articles on ezines, participating in forums and placing links to your site in your signature and so on.

A website is a good start. If you had a blog you would still need to generate traffic for it somehow.

All the best.

S.Dharmarajan, Mentor For Igniton Speaks about Online Media Planning

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