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online advertising network advertisers

The purpose of a pay per click promotion is to drive traffic to a website in order to increase the revenue streams. Any website without traffic isn’t going to create revenue. Pay per click promotion ads can drive traffic over to a website to generate revenue from each visit. This can be either through sales generated or from sign-ups for pay per lead sponsorship.

In order to maintain the best possible ROI the correct PPC provider needs to be used. Let me give an example. If I had a luxury travel website and wanted to run a pay per click promotion on an upcoming cruise. My target market wouldn’t be families. I would be looking for an older audience without family commitments. Google has a very wide audience so costs would be high. By using site demographics though, I can see that the AOL network has the majority of users over 45 and no children living at home. So for luxury travel I would get a better return running a pay per click promotion on the AOL advertising network.

There are also social media networks that you can run pay per click promotions on. Facebook has become hugely popular, has a large audience and gets your ads huge exposure. Many advertisers are flocking over there and raking in tons of traffic just from the one social media advertising group due to the massive popularity of their site.

A common problem AdWords advertisers face is the quality score of their landing page. The components of the landing page need to be in line with the keywords you advertise under. If that might be a problem you can link to a page within your site that is more relevant to your target keywords to keep you keywords and ad groups tightly focused and highly relevant.

Google AdWords PPC promotions do have the ability to get your ad maximum exposure. It can also drive your advertising costs fairly high so be sure to set the budget at an affordable level. Place bids conservatively and increase your bidding only as a reflection of profits being generated and not to gain exposure. The majority of advertisers starting out will go no higher than a 10 bucks daily budget. That is sufficient to generate traffic, test your site conversions then increase when you know it converts. You could pay top dollar for ad exposure to find later your site isn’t’ properly monetized.

Once you have your ads running and start to see a return you can then ramp up your advertising for additional ad exposure by reinvesting some of the profits generated. Either by increasing bid pricing or running additional pay per click promotions. This will in turn drive further amounts of traffic and will therefore increase your business revenue.

Pay per click promotion ads are a real fast, effective way to increase your site exposure and generate additional cash flow to run your business proficiently. provides information on how you can achieve this.

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