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Many online media sites have full motion graphics, flash presentations, and sponsorship brand ads. And these are paid for by the advertiser and that revenue stream keeps the online media making money. It’s all good right? Well, yes and no, as there are some issues brewing, as Internet surfers’ attention span grows shorter and shorter. As it turns out studies show that Internet surfers’ have an attention span of just under 20-seconds. One study shows it to be 18.4 seconds on average.

But mind you, that’s the average and so the advertisements really need to be 12-15 seconds maximum. And yet, we have another problem, attention spans continue to get shorter and shorter each year, especially as more and more go onto the Internet for their news. Did you know that those who read the news paper for 15-minutes, and that is the average. They spend twice as long gazing and scanning each article, as their counter parts online?

But these same folks that read the news paper gaze at an ad in the newspaper an average of 1.2 seconds, and people in book stores scan across the titles of the books at about that same rate, give or take a bit. So, what does all this mean and what is my point? Well, those nice flash advertisements are going to have to be shortened to match the scanning habits, attention span, and eye-gaze data of those who read their news online. If not they will lose readership in the long run.

For instance, try this out; Got to videos and click on one and watch the ad prior to the video, it’s too long but you already have time invested so you watch it anyway to get to your selected video, then you choose another. After you watch three, another add comes on. Rather than watching all the videos you want to see, you click out, having gotten tired of watching the ads too. If those ads were progressively shorter, you probably would keep watching. Who loses in this? The media source of course.

Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank. Lance Winslow believes online news is the future.

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