Online Advertising Objective

online advertising objective

How does ebay verify products sold on their site are sent?

How does online companies like eBay ensure that sellers on their site realy send the product that are advertised to their respective buyers. And as well making sure the product sent is what was advertised on the site to avoid fraud?

eBay, and other places like Amazon, have systems in place that “help” to insure items are shipped and are as advertised. Complaints and feedback help, dispute resolution systems help, buyer protection helps, sellers do some self-monoriting if they spot something questionable in their area of selling they can report it, and eBay has limits on what and how much of a special item, like a designer purse brand, that a new seller can list, and so on.

Most people in the world are good, otherwise sites like eBay could not exist. Also, good sellers will correct their mistakes. Good sellers use Tracking Numbers so if something goes wrong they can prove that they actually shipped an item. eBay has a dispute resolution system for people to use to try and work things out, and if that fails either eBay or the payment service will help work things out. Things are not perfect, but where is any thing perfect? When you look at people’s eBay feedback numbers and see how many people have hundreds, even thousands of feedback, that should be a good sign that overall, eBay works. The main thing is to communicate, often people assume the worst rather than accepting that people can and do make errors.

When an eBay seller ships an item by USPS, they are encouraged, by eBay, to purchase “Delivery Confirmation” which has a tracking number. The tracking number comes with UPS shipping. If the seller ships using PayPal or the eBay system, that tracking number is uploaded to eBay. If a seller takes the package to the shipping service and purchases the DC with tracking, they can upload the tracking number to eBay through their sold page. A new requirement of being a TopRated seller is uploading tracking numbers. All this is so eBay can see if the item was shipped if there is a complaint.

eBay Policies Quote: A new requirement will be added for Top-rated seller eligibility – Tracking upload. Beginning May 1, Tracking or Delivery Confirmation numbers must be uploaded to eBay on at least 90% of your shipments to US buyers within your stated handling time in order for you to continue to qualify as a Top-rated seller.

You can best protect yourself by having a family or friend read the ad before you buy, someone who is not wanting the item and will be objective. Check the seller’s feedback, if the site has feedback. And ask questions if something is not clear in the ad about the item, the condition or the shipping.

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