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How do I find information on getting more clients for my flower business in Sunnyvale california?

Freelance floral designer looking to get more contract business from corporations and office building such hospitals, medical/dental offices, hotels and restaurants who want to have a regular fresh flower service.

Some marketing tips:

1. Direct mail. Prepare a well-crafted brochure and send it to your target markets in Sunnyvale. Find a vendor in your area renting mailing lists of business establishments or take the time and go over the yellow pages and get their contact information. You can read more of how to use direct marketing strategies here

2. Publicity. Publicity can oftentimes be more effective than advertising. Not only is it cost-effective (oftentimes you are paying for nothing), but also people are apt to remember an article about your business rather than advertising. People find a write-up or special feature about a business more credible and objective than a paid advertising. Publicity also reaches a wider audience: if you are lucky, the national media might even pick up your story. Contact an editor of your local newspaper and pitch your story. Read the article “Leverage the Power of Publicity for Your Small Business”

3. Press releases. Send out press releases through your local newspapers about your business. Whether it is about your story or about a sale you are offering, press releases can be very good exposure for you. You can read more about how to harness press releases for your business here

4. Use the Internet. The Web can be your online brochure. You can use it to refer your potential clients for more information about your business; and it could also generate clients for you directly. Some of your potential clients may be looking to the Web for a floral designer, and you need to have a strong presence there as well.

5. Network. Join and be active in your local business organizations, chamber of commerce, etc. Increase your visibility in the community. You can find more information on networking here

6. Word of mouth. This is the best form of advertising for your business – afterall, it is free. Read “Secrets of Word Of Mouth Marketing”

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