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I want to start cross country skiing.?

I Want to loose weight and get in shape I feel this is a great way to do it. Winter is upon us and I dont want to get in that rut of eating and being lazy like most years. I live in Omaha Ne. and I really cant find anywhere thats helpful. I skied once like 15 years ago so I am a beginner.
5-10 and about 245
I don’t have tons of money either any help would be great

Talk to some of the rural land owners and try to find some areas where you could start running and jogging even before the snow flies. Once it does, you should be able to ski on the same trails if there is any snow. That is really the only requirements for cross country skiing is a trail and snow. Does Omaha get enough snow to make it a reasonable undertaking? You might also talk to the local parks department and the local schools, maybe there is a University near you that has a cross country track team that has some trails that get snow on them? has an online store that migfht include skis, boots and bindings. You could also investigate the difference between track and skate type XC skiing. When you are XC, dress with thin layers, it’s a lot of work. Advertise in the local Clist and the Uof N there should be some others you can join or help form your own group. Consult a physician before you start the season, get a physical. Have fun and good luck.

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