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Does anyone know anything about the Georgetown School of Continuing Studies (SCS)?

Well, I really really really really don’t want to go to UDC but I thought it was my only option… that is, until I stumbled across a full-page ad in the local paper advertising Georgetown SCS. It looks really good but to be honest I’ve heard nothing about it.

According to (the almighty) Wikipedia, Georgetown SCS has been around for a long time and has graduated a lot of people… but is getting a degree there better than getting one at UDC? Or, is a Georgetown SCS degree the same as any other Community College? I did some searching online but I couldn’t find any reviews from actual/former students…which, honestly, makes me nervous.

If I went there, I would go for their Bachelors in Liberal Arts with concentration in Ethics…with the intention of getting my masters in Computer Science.

Please, any help on this would be appreciated.

Wow, are you confused.
SCS is like the Learning Annex, it is an extension program with no academic credentials. None of your credits would be transferable to a real university, even GTown.
A BS/LA with a concentration in ethics prepares you for one thing – Starbucks. It will not impress any potential employer other than you make bad decisions.
Finally, it will be worthless applying for grad school. If you want a MS/CS, you will need a CS degree. You don’t get into grad school with a worthless degree completely unrelated to your intended field, that would be like trying to get into med school with CS degree.

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