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Advertising Online – The Online Advertising Surge

There are many advantages of online advertising. The biggest advantage and probably the most important is that you are able to reach a world wide targeted audience, whereas local ads may not be seen by everyone and the audiences are much smaller. Because of the ability to reach a bigger audience, advertisers are more likely to use the online advertising option.

Because you can reach so many people with online advertising, you will see more interesting ads. Companies are always thinking about new ways to capture an audience. You may think that television advertising has a bigger audience, but in all reality the internet has taken over. Because you can adjust your search options and cater them to your needs, you don’t have to see ads you may have already seen whereas on television you have to see the ads every 10 minutes. This can actually turn people off.

What you need for online advertising

In order to do advertising online, you can have a web page that will have your ad on and can be SEO ready to appear in search engines. There are many services that can create press releases that provide an advertising announcement of your service. Also, companies use survey sites to entice you to view their ads and answer questions about the ad you have just seen. If advertising online fits your needs for a huge audience, you can check with many advertising companies that already promote a similar service.

How online advertising has changed small business marketing

The answer to this question has been ‘yes’ for many years now. Small businesses have the ability to use online advertising and reach many people that they would not have the resources or capital to do anywhere else. For the price of a web site and some simple SEO techniques, you can get your message out to billions verses thousands. Advertising online has become a tool for the small business owner.

The small business owner has been able to earn more income because of the ability to advertise online. This can account for the success of many businesses that would have been shut down because of lack of customers. There are some ways to advertise online and join forces with other web sites to raise income. The internet providers pay per click links; this enables you to make money when someone clicks the pay link from your web page. This is just one of the ways to increase sales and make some extra money. Perhaps advertising online might make paper ads obsolete in the future!


The advertising world has changed since the introduction of online advertising. Small businesses that may not have been able to survive without costly advertising can now reach millions of customers through advertising online.

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Advertising help?

I am trying to reach homeowners in the santa clara county for my garage door company, I currently advertise in the val-pak, online with google adwords, and in the local paper. Anybody have any other good ideas to help boost my companies profile within the community? I am a new business, I have paid for my yellow page adds however the new phone books don’t drop tell october. Where would you suggest looking to try and boost business right now! Thanks everyone

You are doing everything correct so far, try sponsoring something, like a high school football team, during the game your name would be announced, if they do half time shows perhaps sponsor one of those, something to deal with garage doors, try sponsoring a local band or something like that. People come out to see events, its a great way to do that and it will greatly boost your business. If that does not work pay someone to take around flyer’s and put in mailboxes, people are more than 10 times more likely to look at something in the mail box than open the valpak, they open the valpak for discounts and things that are already in-expensive. I don’t know how many people would really pay attention to a garage company in that. I hope I helped! Good Luck!

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