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how can i clear my credit history?

my fico score is a whopping 467. I don’t have much debt… less than $8500 and only 12 accounts. 6 good accounts, 5 bad accounts and one inaccuracy that isn’t my debt. Anyway, my bad accounts weren’t willing to work with me when I got laid off of my job so I had to let them go deliquent and they burned me bad with penalties and negative comments on my credit report. I just want my whole history cleared. I’m in a situation now where I really need decent credit and I’m sure a lot of people can relate so if anyone knows how I can go about doing this then let me know. I know time will fix your credit report but I don’t have that long to wait. Some of my creditors aren’t going to clear my accounts until 2013! help? anyone?

feel free to email me if you know some backdoor suggestions that you dont want to advertise online.

sorry there are no loop holes — i would suggest you down size and i mean down size get rid everything you can live with out — cell phone — cable tv — internet — take public transportation if available shop at thrift and get all you debt wipe out. than keep one card and use it wisely and pay off the balance each and every money as early as you get your bill. i realize it will take time but time “does heal all wounds”!!!

Is a click-through report the right metric for online advertising?

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