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in the UK why is the inland revenue not giving us any software to submit a partnership tax return ?

first of all they move the paper filing deadline by 3 months forward, but advertising online filing until jan 31st.

Only problem is when I come to file online it says I have to buy 3rd party software to do this-why didn’t they mention that in their adverts ?
what does it take for them to provide a simple form to file this online ? im paying them enough already !

does anyone know if i file my personal return with the short partnership version only, will that be acceptable ? or do I have to fork out to buy a bit of software just to file my tax return ?

Some of the software is free but they can’t tell you which one is as it’s seen as favourtism!

But what you could do is file on-line with the pages you can, then send in the Partnership pages by post with a note asking them to link the 2 up together. Kind of like an amendment to the return you did on-line. As long as they have the on-line return and the partnership page by post both in together by 31 Jan you shouldn’t get a penalty. :o)

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