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Can anyone recommend superb quality, FREE ONLINE ADVERTISING with extremely high traffic?

Can anyone recommend FREE ONLINE ADVERTISING of superb quality, with extremely high traffic and public exposure, that actually reaches REAL people and not just other fellow marketers?

For examples, safelists only blast to other fellow marketers, and not to interested consumers, non-sellers, or members of the general public.

(Also, not interested in Adwords, Adsense, or PPC… been there, done that, paid lots, unacceptable ROI.)

Primary goal is to blast my affiliate income opportunity to a zillion new, likely future distributors and potentially interested recruits. I am a member of the service, which has the absolutely lowest fees (almost none at all). Yet, you still need to do your own promoting.

That’s why I’m posting the original question above.

I realize this message is going out to the general public. However, please try and only respond to the exact details described above.

Thank you.

That’s a million-dollar question; if there was a free online advertisement service that was as effective as your metrics are expecting, everyone would be using it.

If I’m to keep within the parameters you gave in your question, the only free online advertising you can do is viral. Viral marketing is a lot more work up-front, but if you’re successful, its ROI can be amazing. I’m not sure what your business is and who your target audience is, but if you’re serious about not paying a dime, I’d start considering your viral online options.

If you have the time and know-how, viral marketing can give you amazing ROI. For example, a few of my friends created Jobby ( ), an online job search and recruitment site. Their big sell that Monster couldn’t match was using Web 2.0 to optimize the job seeker / employer pairings (using tags to define your job or job search). Anyways, Tony Wright, one of the founders, wrote a controversial article based on his experiences with website design ( ). Attached to the thoughtfully-written article was his Jobby website. He then linked the article to several databases like or . When others began reading the article and reacting to it, the article spread like wildfire and, of course, everyone who read it wanted to know who this Tony Wright guy and his GoJobby was. GoJobby’s hits rose exponentially within days!

Brian Fioca, the other Jobby founder, said that there is also a lot of luck and timing in viral marketing. “You have to hit the right chord at the right time at the right place with the right group of people. That’s what happened to us, I think. But what it does come down to is if what you’re trying to market is lame, it won’t be viral.” Sounds like you have to have the right product to create a buzz! But you’ll never know unless you try.

What viral marketing comes down to is this: your hook must be entertaining, catchy, and interesting. Oftentimes this hook might have nothing to do with your product or service, but might simply have a sponsorship link associated with the entertaining content. According to Wikipedia: “These viral commercials often take the form of funny video clips, or interactive Flash games, an advergame, images, and even text.”

Check out the Wikipedia link below to learn more comprehensive information about viral marketing if you’re interested. If you’ve got the time, you’ve got nothing to loose! Good luck!

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