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how to set up a practice of teaching music online?

how should i advertise for it?
i know there are people out there who could benefit, how to get to them?
i intend using the facilities of the voice and camera services of yahoo. cannot go out of my home. and what i have is of value. so need to know how to share it.
p.s no wisecracks plz.
btw i am a VOCALIST. in our musical tradition we dont emphasise on the reading of music. music is learnt by the ear. so what applies for western music does not hold good for us.

I’m not certain of all the details for your particular site, but I know of other people who are teaching music online and making a good living from it too.

You’ll obviously need a website and, if you build it right, you’ll be able to make it work and pay well on its own. Be careful which company you use though – some of them charge a fortune and are impossible to use. Some of them are OK if you’re a technical genius and can use HTML or happen to have £500.00 worth of Dreamweaver or Frontpage tools.

You could try the link in sources for a really good company that makes websites very do-able for even technical idiots like me!

Good luck – sounds like a great project. I hope it works out for you.

Mike Blinder Advertising on Online Banner Share of Voice Ad Sales

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