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Need help with my business plan!!!!?

I am interested in buying a existing business and using the inventory to purchase it. I have made up a business plan and a 1 year cash flow projection sheet. I have researched my competitors and have listed in my business plan the ideas of which i would put into use when i get the business to attract more customers and keep them comming. I have researched the advertising aspect as well from the local newspaper to the online chamber of commerance and flyers. I have also ask a couple of my family members if they wouldn’t mind co signing and a couple of them said yes. The only problem I am having is that I need to be able to print my business plan out correctly. I need a program that is for business plans solely cause mircosoft word is not cutting it. So if you have a freeware business plan software suggestion that I can download to do this let me know. Thanks!!!

I would strongly recommend that you talk to a business counselor before you do anything especially spend money. I’d call the local office of SCORE (go to and input your zip code to find the chapter nearest you), the advice is FREE. You can also use their facilities and if they have a business resource center you can use their copies of business plan software at no charge if you do it there.

Try this link :
and read some of the articles especially the ones about a business plan and starting a business.

Good Luck

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