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Breeders advertising Protection Work with dogs?

I was looking at some breeders online for rottweilers (Not looking to buy, just curious) and found that several advertised breeders say that they do “protection work” with their dogs. They show photos of the dogs showing aggression and attacking people in padding. My question is if responsible and good breeders do this? Shouldn’t such work with dogs be left to proffesional trainers and police, not the breeders of the dogs? Also, wouldn’t this only teach the dog to be aggresive, and this unable to be a part of a family?

I breed horses, therefore I am the best person to train them because I know how they behave and I breed them for character traits. When I sell a young foal, I want to know the person buying it has the knowledge to continue the training. Sometimes I need to demonstrate certain skills the Dam or Sire has, which the prospective buyer wants in the foal they are looking to buy, if I am not skilled enough to handle the horses and train them, then I can’t show of their abilities. The same goes for the dog breeders.

To get a dog to this level requires skill but being a police man doesn’t give you that skill, they get trained by the type of people you are talking about. if I was looking for a guard dog, I’d be looking to buy one from the kind of breeder you mentioned. They sound very professional to me.
Training a dog doesn’t unnecessarily make it aggressive. A highly trained dog will listen to it’s trainer. A big dog of certain breeds are more likely to be aggressive if they are not trained and socialised. You can train a dog to become aggressive but what you described sounded very controlled.

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