Online Advertising Success

online advertising success

How to advertise my Father’s business?

My father runs his own construction business with just me and him. We work in residential houses and we do general home repairs and renovations…

He usually gets customers because of his great reputation and word of mouth…

How could I get the people who are well off in the Atlanta area(GA) to take interest in my father’s company? I want to advertise online but have no idea how… already tried craigslist with no success…

Your best bet would be to find someone who is internet savvy and knows html and how to establish a web site. You can find many high school students who love to do this type of work.

Offer to pay for the web hosting and domain name registration (this is fairly cheap) and pay them a commission on any leads they get for you from the internet. A good web designer will know how to see to it that your site stays listed in the top of the search engines.

Make sure you find someone who knows the ins and outs and you tell them what you want on the web site, the more professional you look the better chance of getting those larger paying customers.

Also (and I am sure you are aware of this, but if not) ALWAYS display a sign in the front yard of any project you are doing so others will know.

Hope this helps answer your question

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