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Online paid surveys that are promoted today are convenient and easy ways for people to make money online. However, you have to take the claims and advertisements you often see with a pinch of salt, especially those that promise you free internet paid surveys that pay $250 per hour. Unfortunately, many folks unknowingly believe that it is really that easy to earn so much money and hence fall for scams. On the other hand, there are really honest survey companies that offer free online surveys. Payout is decent though not fantastic and earning a couple of hundreds to a few thousand dollars a month is not far-fetched. It is therefore important to know the inside scoop in order to succeed with online paid surveys.

People either search for online paid surveys companies or they buy ready databases of survey companies from online survey sites. If you have all the time in the world, you can afford to research each market research company that pays for surveys. Sad to say, many of us are either too busy or want to start earning as quickly as possible. That is where the database with 400 – 500 market research companies becomes useful. Simply sign up for the survey companies and surveys are on their way to your mailbox.

The one trick you must learn from this article is this – sign up for as many online paid surveys companies as possible. Even if you forget the rest of the content, you must remember this golden rule. You see, the market research companies do not send their surveys everyday. If you are signed up with a small handful, you would end up without many free internet paid surveys to do. No surveys means no money. Simple enough?

For taking online paid surveys, you are paid for your services in two ways – one by cash, the other by credits or survey points. Market research companies that pay cash would generally pay anything between $1 and $20 for each completed survey. Focus group surveys tend to fetch more earnings, and can go up to $150 per survey. But such high paying ones are rare as most pay lesser than $75. Depending on how much time you spend, it can be worthwhile and profitable. Normally, you would receive around 1 to 4 online paid surveys each month.

Market research companies that reward you with points allow you to accumulate them for future cash redemption or gift exchanges. They want you to stay committed and fulfill a quota in order to pay you. This is understandable. These companies want to establish a relationship with you and it was rumored that loyal survey panelists get to participate in more lucrative, high-paying online paid surveys.

Still, another type of survey companies would enter you into draws each month for gifts or cash rewards. But this is not so popular among survey takers since they are more interested in cash. However, this is a secret which people don’t really know. The chances of getting a prize is actually quite high at these online paid surveys companies as the pool from which they select a winner is rather small.

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are online survey businesses legitimate ?

should I pay the fee of $35 and get to the survey sight? they advertise that there are many companies who post these surveys and are looking for people to fill them out.

You should not pay to join survey companies. There are many free sites like which list legitimate survey companies. But the earning potential is not great as promoted by these companies which sell survey databases. At best a couple of hundred dollars per month

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