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I recently purchased a computer system online ,i feel it was wrongly advertised is ther anything i can do?

I ordered the computer in the sale and it was said to include a free camera docking station.It wasn’t with it. I phoned them up to complain but they stated that there was nothing they could do as it wasn’t part of the package that i had ordered. Also the keyboard was a cheap imitation to the one advertisted, the only option i had was to return it and they would refund me. They know that even without the right keyboard and the lack of docking station that the system was a good buy and who’s going to send something back that they have spent a couple of hours setting up?

What’s really annoying me is that they are still advertisting it with the same speck (i’ve saved it, incase they change it in the meantime) and there’s a waiting list! So they are laughing really, is there anything that i can do?

Get in touch with your local Trading Standards
or take them to the Small Claims Court , take the add with you register your case costs about £50, which when you will you will you get back , because they will aftero pay the costs

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