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Security Camera System Needed – Any Suggestions?

I need a system that is for the outdoors (weather-proof), it needs to have at least 6 cameras. The cameras are going to be spread across 4.5 acres, so I need them to be either wireless or be able to buy a large qty. of cable to have the cables run underground to the main control panel. I would like for the cameras/control panel to be connected to the internet or our computer network for monitoring over the internet. I have read a little bit about the DVR/control panel the cameras hook-up to and as far as the storage it has I don’t really care, as I will just erase the previous video, so I would say just enough for a day or two of recording.

I am new to cameras so this is why I am asking on here. If you could please provide a name of a company, a link to a website or a product/kit name that meets these requirements, that would be great. Thanks.


Not all CCTV equipment is created equal, in fact there are many options that offer varying performance take cars for example. In the world of CCTV you can find the equivalent of a $2,000 golf cart and a $350,000 Ferrari and everything in between. Both have 4 wheels but that’s where the similarities end, it’s under the hood that counts.

One of the best posts ive seen on yahoo many are brutally incarcerate or blatant advertising attempts by online retailers: Caoedhen is dead right and one of the few people who understand CCTV and has worked with it for a while so many people buy a system online and think they know what there talking about.

ApexCCTV does not sell high end products and there IR cameras are not high quality they are from china and Taiwan and most have 48DB signal to noise ratio which is 100x more noise then a good cameras will have resulting in lower image quality and a larger file size on DVR`s (golf cart)

ApexCCTV standalone s are decent quality as they are made by avtech who makes great DVR`s for the residential and low budget market but not a high end solution by any means.

Apex CCTV PC based DVR`s are powered by either Avermedia or Geovision which are not high quality and there marketing greatly exceeds there products features an ability,

back to your question:

95% of all wireless cameras are compete junk and any wireless camera under $400 run on 1.2 or 2.4GHZ and don’t offer encryption. This is bad for 2 reasons one the signal can easy be jammed, with a laptop you can actually hacked video feeds so a criminal can use it to spy and know a good time to target your business or home.

Now one option for wireless is using commercial IP radios which are basically wireless routers on steroids and can offer distances up to 40km of wireless with military encryption, this is not a cheap solution but neither is digging a trench. using these radios not only give you a security infrastructure but also communications infrastructures as well for internet and other purposes (LAN network)

Good radio company

And yes you can do over 30 km no problem with these radios so 4.5 acres is easy to do. these radios are used by US military and I have done projects with them as well.

now in order to use this wireless network to distribute video you need to buy IP cameras which are similar to IP cameras only they transmit video over networks instead of a cable.

The company I recommend for CCTV products is Ascendent Technology Group they have a large product line and offer better products then Pelco Honeywell and Bosch and are about %20 cheaper and in my opinion have the best IR outdoor camera line up.

For an IP I recommend uses Ascendent`s IP servers that have a hard rive built in which does 3 things. Allows you use any analog camera and convert it into an IP addressable server. Allows you to distribute video over the network and has an HDD in it so that if the network goes don’t or your NRV (network video recorder) goes down or gets stolen you have data redundancy. some companies use SD cards but to be honest that is quite useless low frame rate and only hours of recording.

Also again Caoedhen is dead right you want more then 2 days of recording I can`t tell you how many times people have wanted to look at video up to 2 months and have done projects where they keep video for 3 years. I would suggest no less then a week of recording.

As far as cameras there are many types but for outdoor cameras you typically want IR cameras.

Ascendent has IR cameras that go from 50ft to 10km yes 10km longest in the world.

If you talk to Ascendent and give them a diagram or layout they will design a system for you for free as long as you use there product. They will even test the tranzeo radios and make sure they work so they can send you a completely configured system.

I have used them on many installs and the odd time I received a defective unit they took care of me ASAP and they have great technical support.

If you need anything feel free to email me

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