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Need loads of info on staph infections….See questions….?

I never got any staph infections until a few years ago. I now seem to get them from once a month to a few times a year. They usually come on my butt and they hurt very bad. YES I have seen a doctor many times. I usually get bactrim ointment and then an antibiotic. I would like to know why I just started getting them, how to stop them before they get so big. Do you think popping them is good or bad – my docs have said both. What should I do to prevent it from spreading…meaning—If I sleep on sheets my husband does will he get it? I have heard so many different things and read contradicting things online.

Info would be good.

Example – if I had a sore on my rear and popped it and it was clearing, if I don’t wash my hands and scratch elsewhere to sensitive areas or an open would will it spread?

I want to make sure I do not risk passing this to my kids. From what I have read we all carry staph it is just a matter of if it breaks out in your body.


There are a lot of sites about MRSA on the internet. Most will tell you different things and it becomes confusing…

What you need are facts and advice from a very experienced person who actually deals with MRSA cases on a daily basis.

You do not need to take drugs for Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA/VRSA infections. Resistance to antibiotics started with taking these drugs and has continued ever since.

Ask yourself a serious question: “Does it make any sense to treat a condition with classes or sub-classes of drugs, that have caused MDR (Multi-Drug-Resistant) strains of Staph. aureus to evolve?”

We treat very serious cases of Staph.aureus every day. We listen to people who have had their lives torn apart by MRSA, many of whom have been sent home to die. Doctors have administered all the drug therapies they have available…

So where do you turn when the drugs run out? Where do you go when you know that antibiotics can wipe out your immune system and leave you open to other serious infections?

There is only one site that will help you, call you, listen to you, prescribe a course of action and check up on your condition and progress. This isn’t advertising, it is fact. A 100% eradication record speaks for itself.

That site is MRSA Medical… Send Michael an e-mail with your contact number and he will advise you, based on your exact circumstances. The call is free and so is the advice..

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