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Do You Earn A Lott Of Money If You Own A Advertising Company/Agency ?

Do you earn a Lott of money if you got a advertising company ‘ making ads for other brands all over the world ? ‘ adds on the internet and at stores and so on …. etc

gurbaksh chahal was a 16 years old Indian millionaire because on the internet Gurbaksh notice a company called DoubleClick that was providing Internet ad services. He quickly realized that adverisers need a way to track visits online. So he decided to buy software , buy a guy who was in London and who had a special technology was selling his software for $30.000 and Gurbaksh doesn’t have that much money to pay him, so he arrange to pay $30.000 after testing the sofware. After 3 months Gurbaksh make $100.000 and was able to pay for the sofware.

Only if it is a successful one.

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