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online advertising that works

can someone who works in the sales/advertising industry tell me a little about it?

im only 13, but ive been thinking a lot about my future career lately. after a lot of thinking, studying, and online career tests; i think i would really enjoy working as a salesperson of some kind. if u work in this general industry, could u tell me some things i might not know? that would be very helpful.

Everyone is going to have their own opinions and personal tastes when it comes to any subject.
I am presently a teacher, but I used to be a computer consultant. The sales industry can be INCREDIBLE or terrible, depending on the way you see yourself and your customers. You really have to understand what and why the customer is standing in front of you. If you can find the solution to their true needs, then you will be a great salesperson , and you will probably feel very happy every day.
The real problem is finding your direction, and also how to open the right doors to a successful future.
There are a few great ways to check things out firsthand. Talk to your teachers and see if he/she can help you get in the door and talk to someone in the field that you’d like to be in. And I mean someone who makes the real money, not just a retail salesperson.
There are a couple of books that you should definitely read no matter what profession you choose. I often discuss books with my students. “You Inc. by Harry Beckwith” is one of the most powerful books that my students like to talk about with me. Many of them have told me that it completely changed their views on many levels.
There are MANY books out there, but make a truly positive contribution to your future, so be careful what you choose to study.
Whatever you decide, try asking someone that you feel has YOUR best interest in heart, not theirs.

I’m sorry that I seem so long winded, but that’s because I’m a teacher.

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