Online Advertising Theory

online advertising theory

The Hapeening Online Affiliate Marketing

Online affiliate marketing is the best thing to have happened in the digital marketing industry. The web continues to provide opportunities to all and to take over as the next generation business leaders. However, some practices and recent happenings have posed the threat for monopolizing the markets and the industry. Google, AOL, Microsoft, Rupert Murdoch and many other big players have been spending endless hours in making strategies and plans to dominate the Internet.

Online affiliate marketing is one hope that we all have for limiting the power and influence of the big players. A hundred affiliate sites can do the advertising in a better manner than Google or Microsoft. Instead of paying huge chunks to the big guns, the business can deliver good results by aligning with affiliate marketing agencies and networks.

In online marketing, the number of visitors and conversions are two factors that can turn the tables. Popular service providers have the advantages of having large traffic volume, which can be compensated with many web sites and resources. With ten good web sites, the campaign would be better than on the best available publisher site.

It is not possible to improve the conversion, except by serving appropriate content and advertisements. There are many web development companies that are working upon this aspect alone. One such company has its own search engine developed that gives the power of both the web search and search of relevant online advertisements at the same time.

If we go by the theory affiliate marketing cannot be easily dominated by any single group or business entity. The best marketing agencies can offer is the best deals, advanced and updated tracking services, real time reporting and better advertisement and content serving programs. These services can easily be provided by even a small online affiliate networks group. One thing can happen and in fact will happen. Google and Microsoft, when these people will step fully in the market they will try to persuade their clients, who are availing other services and provide them with special packages. Still, it’s our opinion that the agency providing cheaper solutions that are effective will remain in the business.

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Author: M Wali is the co founder of Rupiz Affiliates, a leading affiliate network that caters to global audience. Which is into online affiliate network, search engine optimization, online advertising, affiliate network.

Why don’t poker bots work?

I know that poker bots don’t work the way they’re advertised and are a waste of money. But it seems to me that all the things you use to “read” an online opponent such as position, pause time, and betting patterns can be easily analyzed with software. Throw in the odds calculation ability and IN THEORY you should be able to program the right moves to make in a cash game. Based on what an opponent has done in the past, where they’re at, what cards you’re holding, relative chip sizes, and what cards are shown it shouldn’t be too terribly hard. And computers don’t miss anything. Everyone says the key to winning online is to pay attention to what your opponent is doing and what they’ve done in the past. A bot could analyze that data down to the microsecond level, and make the mathematically advantageous decision every time. Yet they don’t work. Why not?

The problem with poker bots that are programmed properly is that even though poker bots could read opponents and calculate odds (most bots do calculate odds), a human can fool them.

Bots are always going to make decisions based on hard maths and other factors, which don’t take into account the variability of the human mind. A human can think incorrectly which leads the bot to make incorrect decisions as the hand progresses.

For the last reason: Bots are only as good as their programmers are. If a bot programmer does not know how to play a situation perfectly (not any poker player can make a perfect move every time), the bot can’t either. A bot can’t make decisions based on it’s own knowledge, since it doesn’t have any, and you can never program anything to base decisions on possibly incorrect ones.

The World Famous Big Mac Marketing Theory

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