Online Advertising Through 2005

online advertising through 2005

How an Online Ad Agency Helps to Increase Profit?

Working towards achievement of goals in an organized manner is useful for businesses and their brands. Moreover, it becomes difficult for business organizations to generate business due to the competitive environment. For maximizing profits, there is a need to spend on advertising and promotions. With usage of Internet spreading widely and the count of regular users have grown to 1.15 billion (eMarketer), it becomes an important medium for advertising. Consequently, an advertising tie-up with a proficient online ad agency becomes necessary.

An online ad agency is efficient in creating brand awareness and spreading the buzzword, across the length and breadth of Internet. The brand awareness is necessary for making the brand identified among the target customers or user segment. In addition to it, whenever a new product or service is launched, there is a need of extensively spreading the buzzword. Now, the most preferred type of online advertising is banner ads. It is due to the attractiveness of these display ads that they ensure a user response. An AdRelevance tracking data from Nielsen/NetRatings tells that 185 billion display ad impressions were bought in March 2006.

It was almost twice the figure in March 2005, which had 97 billion as impressions bought. The data clearly indicates the popularity and growth of online display advertising among advertisers and users. In such a scenario, solutions from an online ad agency become helpful. This is because of the need of targeting users that keep on surfing the web. Most of them also use it for searching information related to products and services. In July 2004, UK had 82% of such users. In addition to it, 68% users searched information related to travel and accommodation.

There is a need of efficiently utilizing the internet and exploiting online opportunities. When it comes to the dotcom arena of target audience, an online ad agency has to be kept for advertising. Such an organization can effectively carry out online advertisement campaigns. Therefore, Internet advertising must be given a preferred place in media planning and advertising budget. The promotional activities like banner ads would not only create brand awareness but also helps in generating more user response. Internet is altogether a feasible medium for advertisements.

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Meenakshi Wali is the co founder of Rupiz Media Ad Network, a leading online media buying agency. She is heading a team of experts, which is into Online Ad Agency, internet banner advertising, online web site advertising, web banners.

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