Online Advertising Tip 2008

online advertising tip 2008

How do I get more friends that blog?

I want more blog friends. most of my friends dont blog.

You haven’t stated where your blog is hosted, so I can only provide general advice.

1) Encourage your current friends to blog. Send them invites if you’re using a social-networking service to blog. Sit down with your friends and show them how to blog.

2) Being an active blogger is a two-way street. Keep your blog updated and vibrant, then just visiting and commenting on other blogs helps (popular ones or not). You can use various blog search engines to find blogs that appeal to your interests. See for a list of search engines. Then, you can try developing online relationships with some of those bloggers.

3) Generate traffic for your blog via RSS feeds, search engine optimization (SEO), social networks (which you’ve been doing somewhat), partnerships and community building. Also, popularity is not just measured in total number of unique page hits or number of followers. You should look for ways to retain readership, beyond a one-time visit. Marketing your blog effectively will take time and effort. Check out the following posts for some ideas:

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NOTE: Some web sites or forums have guidelines (like Yahoo! Answers) regarding advertising and/or posting external links. Posting against site rules can get you classified as a spammer and/or banned. So, posting your blog link “everywhere” without restriction is not an effective strategy. Again, see the links above for more productive methods. You can add the link to your blog in your Yahoo! Answers Profile and Yahoo! Profile though.

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