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online advertising tips marketing

I design Online Stores on eBay. I’m thinking about writing my own eBooks. Do you think this is a good idea?

I am currently selling custom store designs such as eBay store logos, banners, custom blog designs, My Space designs, and a few eBooks that have reselling rights that were written by my friend, Danna Crawford, who is also an eBay Power Seller. Her eBooks about eBay selling tips and strategies are phonomenal!

I am thinking about writing my own eBooks on selling strategies and e-commerce solutions about marketing, promotional, and advertising tools to give maximum exposure for optimal success for any Internet busines.

Let’s face it. Competition is getting harder on the Internet. I feel that my expertise in graphic design and web solutions can help others. Does this sound like a good idea to you?

Thanks and please see my profile to see examples of my graphic design work.=)

Have a blessed day,
Tonya’s Dynamic Designs
(an eBay store)
Click On My Picture to get a direct link to my eBay store! =)

What matters more is how well you can market your eBooks and actually make profits from them. You can also protect your ideas because they are valuable Intellectual Property–an IP lawyer may be beneficial. This way when you sell your ebook you will rest assured that no one will copy your ideas and market them as their own, while making profits from them.

With IP protection you can license buyers and charge them a fee for rights to resell your ideas for profit. So, each time your buyer resells your ideas, they must also give you a percentage profit if you’ve protected your intellectual property well. Also, if someone tries to use your ideas as their own, you could sue them easily, if it’s well protected IP.

Your idea is will be an excellent one when you can actually make a profit from it, otherwise, it could just end up being only a dream. Work at it, it may become a reality and make you some money, too.

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