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Advertise your Website Using Niche Advertising

Provided it is done correctly, Ezine advertising can bring visitors to your website and increase sales. The great thing about Ezine advertising is that you can still target your audience, by advertising in market specific publications. Ezine Advertising is one of the most powerful ways to market.

There are many different types of advertising but one of the most powerful methods on the internet is Ezine advertising, but to some it is confusing. When you hear about classified ads everyone is normally talking about the ads that take up to three to five lines and are mixed in with all the other ads on the page. No matter which type of ad you choose, you will find that Ezine advertising can promote your business and boost your sales. When advertising on the internet many webmasters do not have large budgets so even a small amount of money can be risky. But if you do it right the rewards are much greater than the risks. The great thing about Ezine advertising is that you can still target your audience, by advertising in market specific publications. For instance, if you are promoting children’s products, then your Ezine advertising can be focused on parenting publications.

With enough traffic the ads response rates are very high but using a more niche oriented approach does yield nice returns. Many online advertising services give you ad campaign reports on a regular basis. They inform you which ads are working and which ones are not. Finally, it offers an effective way to measure how well you are sending your message to your target audiences. The two different types of ads have different requirements the sponsorship ads are much more informative and longer compared to classified ads which are usually only 8-10 lines in length.

The idea you decide to go with or the niche that you will choose to target is a very crucial decision in any publishing venture. Describe your product but tell the reader what your product can do for them. If your product is a new one, start first building an image writing some articles and distributing them for free all around. Remember, whatever you are offering, people are only interested in how it can help them, the benefit. Be honest – No product is perfect.

Articles are the best way to get your subscribers to stick around long enough for the next thing you should do. You still have to wait for people to search on your keywords. Ezine Articles are much more ‘pro-active’; your articles land right in the middle of dozens or hundreds of different Ezines. Ezine Articles is the standard by which all others must be measured. Your articles will give you an effective way to build up your status as an expert by sharing your tips and advice with your readers.

Ezine ad coop campaigns are hard work, but when you measure them again blogs and RSS feeds and the most popular pay per click marketing the results are much faster. Without a doubt, Email and Newsletter advertising campaigns are still two of the best tools available to promote your product or service. Analyzing the results of your advertising campaigns will help you determine where your money should go.

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How do i get more views?

Ok, so i have had past accounts on Youtube & did reasonably well considering my content used to be just myself & a camera.
The problem i have, is this time round i’m working on a gaming channel & although i have uploaded a variety of videos & on a fairly regular schedule, i just don’t seem to be getting many views!
I know i have got alot of work to do & changes to make before i am at a relatively decent standard of video making, but everyone starts somewhere, i hope 🙂

So my question is, how can i get more views, likes & subscribers?

Is there an element of advertising that needs to be done? I currently have a HD capture card on the way to me in the post & plan on doing videos on my ps3, xbox 360 & PC, such as World of Warcraft, COD, etc..

Any help, tips & constructive cristiscm would be hugely welcomed, thank you!

1. Add your YouTube video to video search engines.

2. Make smart, search engine optimized (SEO) titles and descriptions. Tell your YouTube viewers what your online video about with carefully chosen words. Think ahead and ask yourself, “What will people be searching for?” If you are making a YouTube video about the stock market, use terms that someone interested in the stock market will search for.

3. Brand your video! Create a logo in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. Add it to all of your videos. If someone steals it, which can happen online (many people use to steal YouTube videos), your brand will still be on the video. In your brand, include the address of your web site or blog where a viewer can find the original movie content.

4. Promote your videos on MySpace and Facebook. Both social network websites offer easy ways to upload or link to YouTube videos so that all of your friends can view them and tell their friends, as well.

5. Stay ahead of the trends. A way to easily make popular videos is to make them about popular topics in the news or on television. Did Britney Spears do something crazy again? Make a video about it and post it on YouTube. When people search for it on Google or on the online video search engines, they will find it and watch it! It’s a natural way to create popular YouTube content and make money.

6. Investigate which of your YouTube videos are doing well using Google Analytics and YouTube Insight and copy what made them successful.

7. Tell people about your YouTube videos using RSS feeds from your personal blog. I would recommend as a great place to start with RSS feeds.

8. Include a link to your YouTube account in all of your emails. Put it in your email signature. Even when your friends forward your email, it will be included in the body of the message, spreading the word about your YouTube videos and increasing your chances of finding new YouTube viewers.

9. Make “video responses” on YouTube. Go to a video that has a lot of views and comments, and click “create a video response.” Now, your video will be linked to the popular video!

10. And don’t forget to ALWAYS backup your YouTube videos on your computer. If something happens, you do not want to lose your movies! Backing up your computer is better than having to re-film all of your YouTube videos.

With these tricks of the trade, you can easily make some money on YouTube through search engine optimization and smart promoting of your YouTube content.


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