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is there something with Nascar that says they can’t have Beer logos on certain products?

many times i’ve boughten Jr.’s Budweiser, and Kurt’s Miller car’s, or other merchandice that normaly would have the Bud or Miller logo, and they would be replaced with their name in it’s place. same thing goes when i buy their trading cards. i’m sure it’s got to do something trying not to advertise to kids or something, but when i buy their cars or something, i want the real deal stuff.
i did buy Jr.’s Budweiser / Elvis car and needed to show ID as it was an adult item. i’m way over 21, but some other fans who may be under 21 wouldn’t be able to buy something like that. Just that little Bud pole decal on the side and it becomes an adult item and you’ll have to show ID. I’m guessing the best way to buy the real deal items would be to go online, but online stores like are a bit expensive.

Yep, it’s by federal law to protect the kids when it comes to ‘toys’ and the promotion of alcohol etc.

Here’s an interesting note, and this is fact!
Richard Petty’s mother asked him from the beginning NEVER to promote alcohol. So TO THIS DAY, Petty’s #43 has never been in a ‘BUD Shootout’ pre-season race where the previous year’s pole winners are the only eligible participant’s.
NOT because the race is sponsored by a beer. But because step one to even become eligible…..before winning an actual Pole Position is to adorn a small Bud/Budweiser contingency sticker on your car!!!
If you ever look really close, every car in Nascar has a small BUD sticker mixed in with all of the other tiny clustered contingency sticker’s around the front fenders like ‘EA Sports’-‘Auto Meter gauges’-etc. EXCEPT for Petty’s #43! He doesn’t run a BUD sticker on his car because he would be promoting alcohol! This is true!

Every little sticker in that cluster is the official entry into all of that company’s contengency rewards. Some company’s give money for winning while using there product like Auto Meter gauges etc. but Budweiser’s contingency reward is a spot in the next ‘Bud Shootout’ IF you win a Pole Position in the current season while displaying a Bud sticker!
Long story short, If Bobby Labonte wins a Pole Position at any race this year, he cannot race in ’09’s Bud Shootout because there’s no BUD sticker on the #43.

People long for the day’s of John Wayne and Elvis while Richard Petty is still standing RIGHT THERE!

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