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Are tour operators “silencing” bad reports from the news?

Take the name of any tour operators (or online travel agencies) and perform a Google or Yahoo search “company name” and “complaints” or “scam”, “fraud” or “victims” and you will find horrible stories. However, few or none of these stories are reported in the news. Is it because the media receive a lot of money from them by advertising?

I am a travel agent and own home-based agency. With any company, it is your responsibility to research that company for such “scam”, “complaints”, etc. You should always check the Better Business Bureau. I would imagine the reason these stories are not reported by the media is that the news reporters don’t find them “news-worthy.” As an agent, I know I can’t please everyone, everyday, all day long. I have a few clients that require extra special care (which I do not mind providing), but most people want this type of service from the big online companies at a budget price. Sorry. it just isn’t going to happen. Use a local travel agent. Someone you can call at anytime, has references and good standing in the community. Also, most people will sit down and write a review if they have had a horrible experience, while those that have had a great time use word of mouth.

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