Online Advertising Versus Print Advertising

What are two distinct forms of advertising?

I am trying to distinguish two different kinds of advertising that encompass most or all of today’s media. My first idea was business versus commercial advertising, but they were too similar. Can anyone help? Thanks.

Hi there. I am a senior business student with a marketing emphasis. By textbook definition, the two most “distinct” forms for advertising are categorized as:

1. Traditional Media:
Print ads, broadcast (radio, TV, online streaming, in-theatre), direct-mail, outdoor (billboards)

2. Social Media:
Social Media integrates technology, social interaction, and content creation using the “wisdom of crowds” to collaboratively connect online information. Through social media, people or groups can create, organize, edit, comment on, combine, and share content. Companies regularly use social media to interact with their customers. Here are the most commonly-used types of social media:

-Blogs (e.g., WordPress)
-Social Networks (e.g., Facebook)
-Microblogs (e.g., Twitter)
-Wikis (e.g., Wikipedia)
-Discussion Forums
-RSS Feeds
-Social Media Releases
-Photo Sharing (e.g., Flickr)

One thing to consider– many people may say that social media is fast replacing traditional media, but this is simply not true (or at least there is not yet enough evidence to prove it to be true). All good marketers know that the best marketing plans are research-based (pertaining to your company’s goals) and are integrated with just the right balance of traditional and social media.

Print vs. Internet Advertising

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