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PS3 vs XBOX 360 Elite?

This is what Cnet has to say about the Elite

And this about the PS3

Stop being a fan boy and take your own conclusions. What is best? And I mean more powerful? And dont say “Xbox 360 has more games” That does not make it better. Otherowise PS2 were the best console.

PS3 is $499 and the Xbox 360 Elite is $479. $20 dollar difference…

PS3 games produced are on Hd 50gig blueray (more space for better graphics without sacrificing game levels and game size..) GTA4 developers even stated that the game will have better graphics and gaming on the ps3 version and are having issues with the 360 version because of 8gig dvd game format… They may have to make the 360 version on multiple disc so if you like getting out of your chair alot while playing, …..

360-elite games produced on dual layered 8gig dvds
game developers are finding the 360 format to limiting and finding that they have to sacrifice game graphics or gaming levels and challenges…

Ps3 for the extra $20 you get a full HD entertainment system that also surfs the internet. You can goto any website and watch or download videos like YouTube…You can access your email and print it etcc…

Ps3 Blueray hd movie player that also upscales regular dvds movies to HD…It also upscales ps2 games to hd..

Ps3 comes with rechargeable controllers…

Ps3 comes with free online play and Wifi

All of the above the 360-elite can’t do.
360 and elite -For hd movies you have to buy the hddvd player for $200. For

360 elite for quick charge kit you have to buy it for $20.

360 elite no interent browser

Ps3 hdmi 1.3 (supports deep color)
360-elite- 1.2 doesn’t support deepcolor 1.3

Ps3 Nvidia RSX GPU Graphics at least two years ahead of it’s time. And programmers aren’t even close to using it’s full potential yet.
360-elite is hardware locked into outdated DX9 graphics-Game programmers are developoing for DX10 (full 4d and 3d motion realism)

THe ps3 8cell broadband processors. CPU-Designed specifically for highspeed calculations (Games Capable of more AI charactors )

Xbox 360 -Elite– The New 65NM CHip….Isn’t any different then what they used in the 360 core except it cost less to produce….

Ps3 you can buy any external usb harddrive and hook it up loaded with music videos , etc…You can buy any brand 2.5 ata harddrive and upgrade the harddrive size for ps3…

THe elite and 360 requires Microsoft harddrives only- for a 20gig it’s $100, for the 120 it’s $189

360 -elite for wifi you have to pay an additional $100 and online gaming is $50 a year…And for that $50 a year to play online you also get stuck with third party in menu advertising…

To use 60% of what the 360 and elite can do you have to buy the addons and you’ll spend over $750 before you even insert a game.

THe elite and new 360s hdmi, 65nm, red ring of death–Microsoft has no Idea what the cause is, You can’t fix what you can’t find. So yes they are all vulnerable.

Get the ps3 you can use it for so much more. We own all three. THe wii, elite and ps3,

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