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Marketing Jobs in Gulf are back

Gulf cities are one of the most desirable career destinations for professionals looking for work outside their country. The Arabian Gulf is among the few areas that welcome hundred thousand migrants to their workforce every year. The economy of Gulf region is based hugely on oil and natural gas reserves and exports but the government is now focusing on diversifying it.

Due to its richness in natural resources, Gulf has always been known for its oil and petrochemical industries. Jobs in oil & gas were the most popular in Gulf but the trend has been evolving aiming at metamorphosing its identity as merely an oil rich nation. It is now expanding its roots to other sectors like travel & tourism, healthcare, education & teaching, telecom and marketing. As a result of the lack of trained force within the region to cater to the need of diversification, Gulf employers are recruiting highly skilled professionals from other countries in large numbers.

The objective of spreading out the economy to different sectors has created thousands of jobs in Gulf in various industries. And, the one common to all is marketing as it helps various sectors in promoting their products and services among the masses. The importance of marketing has been realized well by the world today and this realization seems to be catching up with companies in Gulf as well. In fact, some of the biggest corporate players are setting up their offices in Gulf to achieve their long term goals. Marketing jobs in Gulf, both online and offline are available for well qualified expatriates from all around the world.

According to statistics, online marketing on Gulf Coast is going to increase considerably in coming years. This is because the scope of search engine marketing has widened in last few years becoming an almost essential part of a company’s marketing strategy. It helps in generating considerable amount of revenue by building brand loyalty and offering shopping convenience. If a company focuses well on its online marketing, it can help you tap more conversions, generate new traffic and create a loyal customer base. On the contrary, if a brand or even a small shopping store does not include online marketing or website promotion in its plan, it can be almost equal to handing its customers over directly to the competitors.

Marketing jobs in Gulf cities like Kuwait, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Oman, etc. are growing immensely. The leading companies of the region are looking for well educated and highly trained professionals from abroad to fill in the vacant posts in their marketing department. Anyone with the right set of skills, academic background, good communication skills and a considerable experience in the field is awaited for in the Gulf. The expertise of the right candidate must include drafting marketing strategies, conducting market research, communication and business development so that it helps in adding value to the company. Marketing management makes for one of the most important components of business management.

So, if you think that you have all that it takes to be a marketing expert, start applying for jobs in Gulf. You may do so by looking for excellent career opportunities in newspapers, on company websites, through job agents or even online job portals .Personal references or contacts are always seen as the best way of landing up with a job in Gulf as it gets easier to be noticed by the employer. Also, get a hang of the culture and lifestyle of the particular city you are planning to move into. You will then surely enjoy your stay in Gulf.

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