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POLL: Can you play a musical instrument?

I can play the piano, flute, guitar, and drums.
My family is very musically inclined.
Much love…XoXoXoXoMingMing

I play piano (and therefore, a good majority of “keyboard” instruments), organ (there is a difference there with the pedals), anything in the trumpet family (bugles and flügelhorns included), a little guitar and a little bass.

I also have been recorded playing chains (yeah – the rusty old metal links), chimes, gong, log drum, rapping, and backup vocals. Oh, and I guess I did play a little bit of Salvadorian panflute on a tune a while ago.

Music has really been a driving force in my life. That is cool that you are also into music.

Not to shamelessly advertise, but some of what I have done is available to hear online. (I don’t want to be the guy that says I play 1.5 million instruments, but can’t corroborate it!)

If you want to hear samples, check out this album by Shades of Gray:

(I wrote tracks 5, 7, and 11. You can also check it out on iTunes.)

Again, not advertising – just adding a little credence to a beginning musical resume.

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